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Motor Bikes have always been a part of my life , when we are young we show no fear ,reckless and never thinking about the dangers.
The last bike crash finally put a end to myself and motorbikes , but I still have my old TY175 trials bike in the shed its good to hold on to your past but sometimes also good to give some things up .The helmets are made with a press mold which is taken from my old open faced helmet ,I hand build the goggles and trim. I mix my own glazes to give the effect of ageing ,a relic from my past, but still a memory I need to hold on to.

All my work is now fired with wood and waste veg oil which takes a lot more effort and time than firing in a electric kiln but I feel this is very much worth wile.

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Please use the contact from above for more information or to commission your own piece.

Prices start from £595.00. ( shipping costs on application ).